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ID verification status short code

If you need to show the currently logged in user's verification status, you can do so with the [real_id_current_user_verification_status] shortcode.

This shortcode looks up the current ID verification status of the current user and displays it within the page.


Showing a specific user's verification status

Using the real_id_user_verification_status shortcode, you can display the user's ID verification status.

Pass the ID of the user via the user_id argument to the shortcode to only display the ID verification status of that particular user:

[real_id_user_verification_status user_id=1]

Styling the displayed verification status

The shortcode will display a span with the class .real-id-unverified if the customer isn't verified yet, or .real-id-verified if they are verified.

You can add CSS to your theme to override the styling of these two elements if needed.