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Proof of Address

You can require additional proof of address documentation from customers as part of their ID check.

Customers will then be able to use their camera or upload (if enabled) proof of address documents such as:

  • Internet service bills
  • Cell Phone bills
  • Utility bills
  • Etc.

You'll then be able to use this documentation to match the ID / billing address to the order.

You can enable Proof of Address for all automatically triggered ID checks, or you can choose to require Proof of Address as an additional security layer manually for specific orders.

Enabling Proof of Address collection

To enable Proof of Address collection for all new customer ID checks, open the Settings page in the Real ID app. Then select the Rules section.

Scroll down to the Proof of Address section to enable it.

After enabling the Proof of Address collection, new customers will be prompted to provide a proof of address documentation in addition to their ID check.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what point during the ID check are customers required to provide their proof of address document?

After the customer provides their ID and/or selfie as part of the ID check, then they will be prompted to submit their proof of address documentation.

What kinds of documents can customers provide?

Customers can upload any proof of address documentation they'd like. The system supports any image format for manual uploads.

Can I disable manual uploads of Proof of Address documents to help prevent fraud?

Yes, we highly recommend disabling manual uploads to help prevent fraud.

By requiring the photos to be taken live and not allowing manually uploaded, you'll know that the document is phyiscally present by the customer.

Can Real ID automatically cross check the utility bill details against the ID or billing address on the order?

At this time no, Real ID will only capture the proof of address on your behalf. But if you need this for your use case, please contact us for help.