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SMS messages

For ID checks sent after checkout automatically Real ID can also send an SMS message to the customer if their phone number is provided in the order.

The SMS message will include a unique link for the ID check, the same as the email sent to customers.

SMS Content

Unfortunately due to restrictions placed by phone carriers, we cannot allow the customization of SMS messages.

From phone number

All ID checks sent via SMS will come from a phone number managed by Real ID:

  • +1 (884) 997-2426

If the customer's phone number is registered in a country that supports Alpha codes, they will receive an SMS message from Real ID.

Activate the phone number checkout field on Shopify

To set up phone number collection from customers during checkout, open your Shopify Settings and then open the Checkout section:

Opening the Checkout settings within the settings in the Shopify dashboard

Then scroll down to the Customer information* section, and choose an option under the Shipping address phone number** options:

Select require or optional to force customers to provide their phone number at checkout

You can require phone numbers or make them optional. If any order triggers an ID check and the customer provides their phone number for shipment, then Real ID will use this phone number to send the customer a link to their ID check.

Frequently asked questions

If I send an ID check manually, will an SMS message still be sent to the customer?

Yes, as long as the customer's phone number field is entered while creating the ID check.

I'm seeing an error that the SMS message failed to send, why is that?

The most common reason why an SMS message fails to send is because the phone number on the order is not valid or belongs to a landline. In these scenarios it's not possible to send an SMS message to the customer.

Are SMS messages an additional cost?

No, SMS messages are not any additional cost to the ID check fee.