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Remember verified customers

Real ID can track which of your customers have already completed ID verification once. This way your customers can return and make repeat purchases without requiring ID verification on each purchase.

If enabled, Real ID will remember repeat customers and not require already verified customers to provide photos again.

Enabling Remembering Repeat Customers

In the settings of the app, open the Automations tab. If you're using ID verification after checkout open the Exceptions tab.

Then click the checkbox next to Customers only need to verify once to enable the feature.

How to enable remember repeat ID verified customers

How are verified customers tracked?

Real ID will associate the completed ID check with your customer's account on your store. There are some differences between the out of the box ID verification flows, we'll go into those details below.

After checkout flow

When a already verified customer returns to your store to checkout again, Real ID will automatically find the completed or manually verified ID check in the database of your store's ID checks and count the customer as verified.

On Shopify, customer profiles with the ID verification completed or ID check manually approved tags are considered verified.

Before checkout flow

Real ID uses three different methods to determine if a returning customer is already verified.

  1. From browser cookies
  2. From the customers login (recommended)
  3. From the customers email address

In the before checkout flow, because the customer profile doesn't exist until after the order is placed, Real ID does not use tags or metafields to consider the customer verified.

From browser cookies

Because customers can be unregistered at the time they verify their ID, Real ID will place a cookie within their browser to mark them as verified. Then after the customer completes checkout, their account will be associated with the ID check in Real ID's database.

That way, if the customer switches browsers or devices in the future, they can still login to their acccount on your store and remain verified.

However, this is the most brittle of the methods. Customers may switch devices, or browsers, or have their browsers to block cookies.

If an unregistered customer blocks cookies, they'll still be able to verify their ID as well as look it up using their email address when returning to your store.

From the customers login

Customers can also log into their account on your store and Real ID will automatically recognize them as verified.

After the customer logs in, Real ID will not require them to verify their ID again. Instead they'll be able to checkout directly.

For this feature to work properly, we highly recommend enabling customer accounts and allowing customers to login to their accounts.

From the customers email address

If a returning customer isn't logged in, but they enter in the same email address from their account, then Real ID will recognize their past ID check.

The pop up window shown to customers if they enter in the same email address as another ID check used on your storefront. The customer is shown a form with a single field that accepts a 6 digit unique code to confirm ownership of their email address.

The customer will be sent a 6 digit confirmation code to their email inbox. When the customer enters in this 6 digit code into the Real ID prompt, it will automatically load their corresponding ID check.

The email sent to the customer that shows their confirmation code to use on your website.

If they have a prior verified or manually approved ID check, then the customer will be able to complete the order.

This way, even if the customer isn't logged in, Real ID will recognize their already completed ID check.


This feature includes ID checks that are in progress, in review, or manually rejected by your staff.

If you'd like to allow the customer to try again, use the resend ID check feature to send the customer a brand new ID check for them to attempt again.


You are not charged for customers that return using their prior ID check from a confirmation code.

How can I tell in my store admin if a customer is considered verified?


Real ID automatically tags orders and customer profiles in your Shopify dashboard. When a customer completes ID verification, their profile is tagged with ID verification completed. Additionally, if you elect to manually approve an ID check, the customer will be tagged with ID check manually approved. Either one of these tags counts the customer as permanently verified for future orders.

Example of an order tagged with "ID verification completed" so the customer isn't prompted for ID checking on future orders

Tags can be edited outside of Real ID's control

Since tags can be modified in the Shopify Admin, they do not dictate if an order is verified or not. The customer must have a prior completed or manually approved ID check to be considered verified.

Additionally, Real ID also updates the metafields on the customer's account as they complete ID verification.

You can view the metafields of a customer within your Shopify dashboard, by visiting the customer's profile.

Metafields are also accessible in your store's theme within liquid templates, which allows you to craft feedback to the customer in their account page if they are verified.


Real ID uses meta data on the customer's user profile to store their ID verification status.

You can view this meta within your theme, or within the WordPress dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this feature work with manually approved customers?

Yes! If you manually approve a check, Real ID will also count this as a successful verification.

Manually approving an ID check will tag the customer with "ID check manually approved", and future orders will count as verified.

Manual approval can happen without ID photos submitted from the customer

You can manually approve an ID check at any time, even if the customer has not actually submitted any photos.

Please be certain you intend to manually override a customer's ID verification for their order or account, because on future purchases they will not be prompted again if manually overridden.

Does this work with the before checkout and before viewing store flows?

Yes, by default Real ID will remember your already verified customers if you decide to require ID verification before checkout or before customers can view your store.