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ID check Metadata on WooCommerce orders and users

Real ID will automatically sync the status of your ID checks to WooCommerce orders and customers for you. It leaves two special custom metafields:

  • real_id_check_status - the current status of the ID check
  • real_id_check_id - the specific ID check associated with this customer or order

List of Real ID check statuses

The metadata key real_id_check_status is the current state of the ID check. It's kept in sync as the customer progresses through their ID check process.

This metadata is kept in sync during the customer's ID verification lifecycle. Here are all of the possible statuses of the real_id_check_status key:

  • delivered - the ID check has been delivered to the customer by email or SMS, or shown within your store if you have ID verification required before checkout.
  • opened - the customer opened the ID check
  • submitted_id - the customer has submitted their ID, but has not yet submitted their selfie yet (if headshot capture is enabled)
  • in_review - the ID check has warnings such as an Expired ID that require a manual approval
  • failed - the ID check failed conclusively, check the ID check details for more information
  • completed - the customer successfully completed their ID check
  • manually_approved - a staff member manually approved the ID check
  • manually_rejected - a staff member manually rejected the ID check

How order and customer metadata are synchronized with the ID check

Real ID sends secure webhooks to your WooCommerce or WordPress instance as customers progress through their ID check. If you're seeing a delay or missing updates, make sure that your WooCommerce and WordPress instance is accessible to the internet, and has not changed site names.