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Setting up Staff Permissions

You can control which of your staff can view ID checks, override their results, or modify settings like setting up automatic ID check triggers.

To get started, first open up the Settings area in the app, then in the top menu select the Staff tab.

You should see a table of staff members and their current permissions.

Find the staff permissions settings by opening up Settings, then clicking the Staff tab


This feature is only available to the Shopify version of Real ID at this time.

If you require this for your WooCommerce store or another platform, please let us know.

Choosing permissions for a staff member

Real ID offers four permissions for each staff member:

  • View ID checks - grants the ability to open ID checks, view the captured photos and the extracted information from them.
  • Manage ID checks - grants the ability to manually approve or reject ID checks, or delete ID check data.
  • Manage Settings - grants the ability to alter Real ID settings, including the ability to set up triggers, branding, etc.
  • Manage Staff - grants the ability to change the permissions on other accounts.

Default permissions for new staff

By default new staff members will always be granted the View ID checks, Manage ID checks and Manage Settings permissions. Only the account owner will be granted the Manage Staff permission.

That means that staff that open the app initially will be able to view ID checks, manually approve or reject them or change Real ID settings.

Restricting staff to only process ID checks

If you need to restrict certain staff members to only process ID checks, and not have the ability to update settings, then enable View ID checks and Manage ID checks only:

Example of enabling ID checks processing only on a specific staff account

Allowing a staff member to manage other staff permissions

You can promote a staff member to manage other staff's permissions by adding the Manage Staff permission to their account:

Example of a staff member than can only manage other staff

Not all staff appearing in the permissions list

Unfortunately Shopify does not allow apps to view staff lists. You can only manage staff permissions of staff that have opened the app at least once.

Once a staff member opens Real ID, the app will create an account for that staff member and it will appear in this permissions list.

By default, new staff members are assigned View ID checks, Manage ID checks and Manage Settings permissions.