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To keep you updated with the latest changes on ID verifications, Real ID synchronizes the ID check statuses of customers & orders in Shopify with tags.

These tags are visible in your orders as well as on the customer profiles within the Shopify backend.

Example of a Shopify Order tagged with "ID verification required"

How it works

When an order qualifies for an ID check through your automatic triggers, it will be tagged with ID verification required.

Then, when the customer passes ID verification, it will change to ID verification completed.

However, if the customer fails ID verification, the order & customer's profile will be changed to ID verification failed.


These tags will apply to both the customer and the order within Shopify. The customer tags are used for remembering repeat customers so they only need to verify once.

Available Tags

Real ID uses the following tags to sync the ID check status:

  • ID verification required - The order or customer requires ID verification
  • ID verification completed - The customer passed the ID check
  • ID verification failed - The customer submitted their photos required for the ID check, but the system was not able verify them
  • ID check manually approved - A staff member manually approved the ID check
  • ID check manually rejected - A staff member manually rejected the ID check