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By default Real ID leaves notes on the order during the ID check lifecycle.

These notes are left on the timeline of the order within the Shopify order's details:

Example of a note left on a Shopify order that the ID check was delivered to the customer

Notes will be automatically added to the order timeline during the ID verification flow:

  • Delivered an ID check to the customer
  • Customer opened the ID check
  • Customer uploaded their ID photo
  • Customer uploaded their headshot photo
  • Customer completed ID verification
  • Customer failed ID verification

Disabling notes

This feature can be disabled or reenabled at any time.

First open the Notifications section under the Settings page in the app, and then open For your Team:

How to find the Team notifications settings

These settings control the notifications that are sent to your team.

Within this tab, you can disable or enable the feature by clicking the toggle, then clicking Save.

Disabling automatic order notes during ID checks


The notes left by Real ID do not directly affect the order payment or fulfillment status in any way.

The notes are only for display purposes, so you can see the latest ID check events timeline without leaving the order in the Shopify dashboard.