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BrightPearl Integration

Real ID can automatically sync ID checks on your orders with BrightPearl and update their corresponding order status when customer's complete ID checks.

That way you can automate a holding process, where a high risk order is automatically held until the customer completes ID verification successfully.

How does it work?

Real ID integrates with Brightpearl as a custom private app. Once you enter in the Brightpearl privateapp credentials in Real ID, then pick order statuses that should be applied to when the customer completes or requires ID verification from your ID triggers.

Creating a BrightPearl App

First, create a Brightpearl staff app in your BrightPearl dashboard.

  • Log into your Brightpearl account
  • Go to App Store > Private apps
  • Click “Add private app”
  • Select “staff app” to ensure you are capturing detailed information about who performs any actions on your account. “System” apps are being sunsetted and should not be used anymore.
  • Enter "{accountID}_real-id" as the name. The {account_ID} portion should be your unique account name in Brightpearl.
  • Save

After saving, you'll be shown the password to authenticate with this app. Copy down both the private app name and this password for the next step.

Integrating the Brightpearl App with Real ID

Now that you have a custom Brightpearl app, let's connect it to Real ID.

Open the Real ID Settings > DevTools and scroll to the Brightpearl Integration setttings.

Then enter in the "{accountID}_real-id" app name you defined in the Brightpearl custom app, and then paste in the staff password that should have been created when you as well.

As you enter in your credentials, Real ID will test the connection. If the credentials are correct, you'll see a "Connected" message in the bottom of the form.

Brightpearl integration set up in Real ID to sync orders ID check state

Choosing Brightpearl Order Statuses

After setting up the integration and successfully connecting, you can now choose which order statuses should be applied during ID check events.

Once connected, open the dropdowns for the order statuses that should apply to each ID check event.

Then when you've made your selection, enable the integration by clicking the toggle at the top of the form and saving your settings.

Choosing BrightPearl order statuses to sync ID check status to

Frequently Asked Questions

The Brightpearl order status we were using was deleted, how do I fix the integration?

Real ID uses references to the Brightpearl order status options in your account. The dropdowns in the Real ID settings for Brightpearl will refresh in real time, so simply select a different status to fix the integration.

I've connected the app, and selected order statuses but they aren't updated.

Make sure that there isn't an order prefix added to your orders in Brightpearl. They are usually a 2 letter code. Make sure you enter in this prefix into the settings in Real ID so that it can find your orders in Brightpearl.