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ID verification after account registration

Real ID can verify customer accounts after they have registered an account with your store.

Customers will be sent an email to their email address with their account after they have registered with your store, or had an account automatically created after check out.

Getting started

To enable ID verification notifications to customers after they register an account, open the Settings page and select the Automations tab.

Finding the automatic ID verification no-code flow options for adding ID checks to your account registration process on Shopify or WooCommerce

Then enable automatic ID veirfication and select the After account registration flow.

Choosing the After account registration flow option to send an ID check to a new customer sign up after they have created an account on your Shopify or WooCommerce store.

If you require ID verification before the customer can place an order, please see our Before Checkout flow option instead.


This flow does not block a customer from performing any actions like placing an order, creating a listing, etc. after they have registered.

Sending ID checks based on customer role

If you're using WooCommerce, you can define which roles should be sent an ID check notification. Otherwise, all new accounts are sent an ID check by default.