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Sending a new ID check

You can manually send customers ID checks at any time, with or without an order on your store.

To get started click the New ID check in the top right or left of the app:

The new ID check button within the app

Choosing the order to verify

Once you have the new ID check form open, you'll be able to search and choose from your recent orders to send ID checks to.

You can use the search bar to filter orders by order number, like #1001.

Alternatively, you can filer by the risk level. The risk level is based on the Shopify Fraud Analysis, or other 3rd party apps you have installed that have also added risk analysis to your orders.

Filter orders based on name and risk analysis


At this time Real ID can only view the past 60 days of order history. If you need to verify an customer's ID from an order that's more than 60 days old, you'll need to type the customer's name and contact information manually.

Once you have found the order you'd like to send an ID check for, click on the order to proceed to the next step:

Choosing an order to verify

Creating from scratch

Alternatively, if the customer hasn't placed an order yet you can still enter in their contact information manually by clicking the Create from scratch link:

Click "create from scratch" to enter in the customer's contact information manually


Please note that if you decide to send the ID check from scratch the customer nor the order will be tagged or metafields sync'd automatically.

The ID check will not be associated with the customer's actual account or order, but instead the ID check will have their contact information associated only.

Customizing the ID check content

On the next step, you can customize the ID check's content, you can use short codes to reference the order number as well as by the customer's name.

This content will appear both in the email body sent to the customer and as the introduction screen shown to the customer when they open their unique ID check link in the email.

Your message to the customer might vary depending on if you require ID checks for only high risk orders, for age verification, or K.Y.C. compliance.


If you're sending multiple ID checks manually, you can set this default content within your Settings under the Appearance section.

Setting ID check requirements

Now, you can select the requirements that customers need to complete in order to pass the ID check.

You can choose between requiring an ID photo only or requiring both an ID photo and headshot. If you choose the ID photo and headshot, then Real ID will verify that the live headshot photo matches the headshot photo physically on the provided ID photo.

After making your choice, click Next to continue.


Finally, you'll receive a summary to confirm the details of the ID check before it's sent.

If you need to make changes, click the Back to ID check requirements to edit options. But if you're happy with the settings click Send check.

Sending the ID check after reviewing

And that's it! You've sent an ID check using Real ID. You'll be redirected to the ID check details page and the customer will be sent their unique ID check link either by email and/or SMS.