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Schedule automatic ID check reminders for customers

You can increase your ID check completion rate by scheduling reminders in the Real ID app. Customers are busy too, they may not be able to complete ID verification after their order, and you can automatically follow up with them using Real ID.

Watch this short 2 minute video to learn how to enable this feature and customize it, or follow the instructions below:

Only available for after checkout

This feature is only available for ID checks sent manually or sent automatically by an after checkout trigger.

Automatic reminders will not be sent for ID checks prompted before checkout.

How to enable automatic ID check reminders

Within the app, open up the Notifications area in the settings page.

Then you'll should see the Customer ID check Notifications section:

Finding the Customer ID notification settings

Enabling this feature will show three default emails that are scheduled for reminding the customer to complete their ID verification:

Setting up an automatic reminder schedule

How to change the schedule and content of the emails

To change the body, subject and the delay of a given reminder, click on it.

In the popup, you'll be able to adjust the subject line, body and choose how long to wait to send the email:

Customizing the automatic reminder emails

You can use shortcodes to personalize the message with the customer's name and their order number.

Frequently asked questions

Is this an additional charge for using automatic reminders?

No, this feature is not an additional charge to your ID check. But there is a limit to the number of emails you can reschedule.

If the customer completes their ID check, will they still receive emails?

No, when the customer completes their ID check, the rest of the scheduled reminders are immediately cancelled. The customer will not be reminded again, because they have submitted their ID.

How many reminders can I schedule?

Real ID comes with 4 reminders maximum per schedule. If you need additional reminder slots, please contact us.

Will automatic reminders be sent for ID checks triggered by before checkout or before viewing store flows?

No, automatic ID verification reminders are only available for the after checkout flow, or ID checks sent manually.