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Automatic Retries

If customers failed to pass ID verification on their first attempt, you can set Real ID to automatically send them another ID check to try again.

This helps customers self serve another chance at ID verification on their order that might have uploaded blurry or unreadable IDs on their first try.

A new retry creates a brand new ID check, separate from their first attempt.

Real ID will only send another ID check to the customer if:

  • The customer failed their first ID check
  • The number of customer's retries are under your maxmium limit

Real ID will not send an automatic retry if:

  • The customer failed their ID check due to being underage
  • The customer passed one of their ID checks
  • The ID check isn't associated with a customer profile
  • The ID check is manually rejected by one of your staff

Getting Started

To enable this feature, first open the Settings area of the Real ID app, then open the Rules tab. Scroll down to the Automatic Retires section an toggle it on to enable it.

(Optional) Increase the number of maximum allowed retries

By default, enabling this setting allows the customer to retry one more time after failing their initial ID check.

For example, if the maximum number of retries is set to 2, then the customer is given 2 more retries after their first attempt for a total of 3 ID check attempts.

(Optional) Modify the retry email and subject lines

You can customize the content of the email content to the customer that contains their new ID check link.

The subject and email body are applied to the retry ID checks only. Your exisiting branding and theme set by the Appearance settings are applied as well.

The ID check link will be included within the email automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do retries incur additional ID check usage fees?

Only if the customer participates in a retried ID check does it result in a fee. If the customer doesn't participate, there is no fee.