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Real ID Shopify POS Integration

The Real ID Shopify POS tile that starts a new ID check from the POS

Real ID offers an direct POS integration for Shopify merchants.

Within your Shopify POS, you can start a new ID check from a tile in your Shopify POS device. Then you can scan the customers ID in real time before or after checkout.

How does it work

The Real ID Create ID Check POS tile will open a new browser window on your POS device, then you'll be able to scan the customer's ID and see the results in real time.

After scanning the customers ID, simply close the browser window and return to the POS to finish checkout.

Real ID will automatically read the first name, last name, date of birth and other details from the ID, and you'll be able to find the ID check from within the app's homepage.


Your age restrictions and other rules will apply to ID checks from the POS tile.

Sending an ID check from the POS tile

You can add a tile to your Shopify POS to quickly send an ID check to a customer account directly from the Shopify POS.

To get started, first open your Shopify POS and click Add Tile:

Click the Add Tile button on the homescreen of the Shopify Point of Sale to start sending ID checks in store

Then within this Add Tile pop up menu, open the App menu:

![,h_700/v1689072584/Real%20ID/Docs/Shopify%20POS/IMG_08EFD9A292E7-1.jpg](Open the App menu within the Shopify POS Create Tile menu)

This menu will display all of the tiles available from apps installed on your Shopify store. Select the Real ID app menu:

Selecting the Real ID menu from the Shopify Point of Sale add app tile menu

Then you'll be able to see all of the available Real ID tiles for Shopify POS. Select the Create ID check tile next:

Selecting the Real ID create ID check tile in the Shopify POS menu

Now this will add the tile to your POS homescreen. Finally click Save to confirm the change and adding the tile:

Click save in the Shopify Point of Sale home screen to confirm addin the Real ID - create ID check tile

And that's it, the Real ID app is now available on your home screen for quickly sending ID checks to customers.

Opening the tile will take you directly to the create an ID check page, and you can open the Customers tab to send an ID check to a customer without typing in their contact details again.


If opening the tile brings you to the Real ID homepage instead, it's because your Shopify POS session has expired.

Simply close the Real ID app, then open the tile again to navigate directly to the new ID check page.

Do you need to have another Real ID tile added for your workflow? Please contact us.


Mobile devices and tablets only

At this time, the Real ID Create ID Check tile only supports mobile phones and tablets. The Shopify official POS systems do not offer direct camera support at this time. Real ID relies on access to the device's camera to scan the customer's ID.

Customer and order associations not supported

While Real ID automatically reads and assigns the first and last name of the customer from their ID, this integration does not associate with the Shopify customer account nor the order after checkout at this time.

This also means that the ID verification tags and metafields will also not update automatically for ID checks created from the POS integration.