Modern ID verification for WooCommerce. No coding required.

Real ID leverages modern A.I. to verify your customers drivers licenses or passports before or after checkout.

Preview of ID verification in the order confirmination page in WooCommerce

Trusted worldwide

Real ID has implemented age restrictions, prevent chargebacks and KYC policies for thousands of merchants across hundreds of countries.

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ID document types supported
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Real ID dashboard in Shopify displaying the ability to search, filter and open ID checks without leaving Shopify.
No code flows.
Choose to verify before or after checkout, or only on specific high risk orders. No code required.
Real time meta and order statuses.
Always up to date ID verification statuses of orders via metadata on orders and customers as well as order statuses.
Verified customers remembered.
Repeat verified customers are remembered, reducing friction and cost.
Biometric verification.
Advanced A.I. can compare a real time selfie with the ID.
Advanced security.
Customer data locked in a private cloud, encrypted at transit and rest.
Robust API.
Automate holding and releasing high risk orders on verification.
Cross checking.
Automate cross checking billing, shipping and address on the ID for fraudulent chargeback protection.
Global support.
Verify hundreds of documents with 6+ languages.
Age verification.
Prevent underage purchases by enforcing a minimum age on the verified ID.


We have worked with thousands of amazing people

“I have been using this plugin for over a year and not only is the team amazing at troubleshooting and very responsive, but the plugin itself is top notch and uses AI to power its verification. It has helped us a ton with having a smooth transition for customers to easily check out. This is the best team I have worked with and am happy I chose this plugin vs the other guys.”


“The plugin is the best and most comprehensive solution for ID checking. I use it in Germany and it works perfectly, to the satisfaction of my customers. I initially used another solution for months and when problems with updates and compatibility arose, I switched to Real ID Check and am glad I did. The support is super fast, professional, and efficient. Also very kind & friendly 🙂 All my issues were resolved and investigated, and updates for those issues were also prompt. Thank you, you saved my project!”


“Real ID is a great plugin for verifying customers age, but also the customer support they provide is excellent. They have been very responsive and resolved our issues in a very timely manner. Highly recommend!”


“Installed and got this working on all (5) of my very high traffic sites. Plugin works very effectively and support is awesome!”


“Dylan was able to patch a bug I was having the same day that I emailed them about it. Very impressed with the support team, they were very quick to respond to my enquiry and even quicker to fix the issue I was having!”


“Wonderful support! I wrote an email 1 hour ago and I’ve just get the answer. Simply great!”


Try it out free.
No credit card required to sample.

Trial ID verification for your store today.