Modern ID verification for Shopify. No coding required.

Real ID leverages modern A.I. to verify your customers drivers licenses or passports before or after checkout.

Preview of ID verification in the order confirmination page in Shopify

Trusted worldwide

Real ID has implemented age restrictions, prevent chargebacks and KYC policies for thousands of merchants across hundreds of countries.

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Real ID dashboard in Shopify displaying the ability to search, filter and open ID checks without leaving Shopify.
No code flows.
Choose to verify before or after checkout, or only on specific high risk orders. No code required.
Real time tags.
Always up to date ID verification statuses of orders via tags and metafields on orders and customers.
Verified customers remembered.
Repeat verified customers are remembered, reducing friction and cost.
Biometric verification.
Advanced A.I. can compare a real time selfie with the ID.
Advanced security.
Customer data locked in a private cloud, encrypted at transit and rest.
Robust API.
Automate holding and releasing high risk orders on verification.
Cross checking.
Automate cross checking billing, shipping and address on the ID for fraudulent chargeback protection.
Global support.
Verify hundreds of documents with 6+ languages.
Age verification.
Prevent underage purchases by enforcing a minimum age on the verified ID.


We have worked with thousands of amazing people

“App does exactly what we need it to. Functionality is simple and integrates really easily into our existing Shopify store. Settings and options are customizable to a point where we could create the exact flow and wording we wanting for the verification flow from start to finish. Absolutely the only app I'd need for this kind of service.”

ill! HQ

“We have used a few age verification apps for our age-restricted online vape shop and none of the other apps were even half as powerful and reliable as RealID. RealID is also the most cost-effective solution. Dylan is a pleasure to work with and is highly responsive to new feature requests. Not only does he implement new features constantly based on merchant feedback, but the features work reliably and in a way that gets the least resistance from online shoppers. I would highly recommend this app over all other age verification apps available on the Shopify App Store.”

Premium eJuice

“The customer service is outstanding, and the app itself works great. Such a help for our shop which requires ID checks!”


“Well received by our customers and easy for staff to verify if customers have completed ID check before shipping. Their support team was very helpful in creating code to work with our varied delivery methods. The online age verification was installed quickly and customizations were completed within a day or two.”

ThunderBird Vapes

“This app has been a life savor when it comes to having a solid and working ability to check customer IDs. Not only does the app work flawlessly, the support from the app is exceptional - nearly always available to help and the updates and custom requests are constantly fulfilled. I can't thank the team enough for this amazing app!.”

Promoco DC

“This is is the best solution for getting KYC info! If you have products that need age verification or services that you want an extra of fraud detection, then this app will be perfect! Support is very responsive! 5/5!”

Equis Enterprises

“We have automated 18+ id checks through a specific channel that was not out of the box. The Real ID team was able to help and satisfy our requirements. This app is working like butter now!”

Man Store

Try it out free.
No credit card required to sample.

Trial ID verification for your store today.