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Official Real ID logos and brand colors to use when writing about us.


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Answers for common customer questions

Answers to common questions asked from customers about ID verification. Use these on your own site and communicating to your customers.

How it works

Real ID uses modern computer vision and A.I. algorithms to capture and validate your ID. Real ID automatically recognizes drivers licenses, passports and national ID cards, and other government issued identification documents.

Details from your license like your name, address, and date of birth are only used to validate your order details so we can prevent fraud and comply with laws.

Security & Privacy Measures

Full end to end encryption. Each step of ID verification encrypts the data from your device directly to Real ID's vault. All data including photos are encrypted at rest.

Separate vault. Your data is never stored on our own infrastructure. It is only stored on Real ID's vaults and secured databases.

Limited access and purpose. Personal data is only used for purpose of verification and quality assurance. Real ID will never share your information with any 3rd party besides the bare minimum service providers needed to securely process and store your ID. Real ID does not sell customer data, it is just a processor of data.

Request for data deletion

Request for your ID photos and associated data to be permanently deleted at any time.

Simply submit a request here to have your ID data permanently deleted.

More about us

More background about Verdict. Please feel free to use when writing about our business.

Short description

Verdict provides eCommerce merchants cutting edge ID verification services through it's primere product Real ID for platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Full description

Verdict was founded in 2020, and provides ID verification for millions of orders, leveraging knowledge learned from supporting KYC and anti-fraud strategies from other veriticals like peer to peer marketplaces.

Seeing a gap in modern intuitive tooling for the eCommerce market, Verdict created an product for merchants requiring both compliance for age verification and preventing chargebacks via powerful A.I. powered ID verification.

Unlike other ID verification providers, Real ID is tailored specifically for eCommerce needs, empowering merchants to add powerful KYC tooling without coding or machine learning knowledge.