Real ID

Modern ID Verification for e-commerce in minutes.

Sell and ship with confidence using secure, scalable, and automated ID verification. No code required.

Prevent fraud.

Block fraud before bad actors even have time to make an unauthorized orders on stolen credit cards.

Sell age restricted goods.

ID verification gives you the peace of mind + evidence to prove age compliance for age restricted goods.

Meet compliance.

We take care of storing your customer's identities so you can export what you need to prove compliance in one click.

Handle high risk orders.

Verify high risk or expensive orders to protect your store from costly chargebacks.

A.I. driven identity verification

Real customer ID verification on autopilot

Real ID is the only Shopify app and WooCommerce plugin that uses A.I. to verify the authenticity of your customer's Drivers Licenses, Passports or other government-issued documents.

Real ID securely and instantly captures your customers IDs through their mobile phone and displays their photos and authenticity scores right within your store's admin dashboard.

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ID document capture

Your customer uploads their ID document with a secure connection using their mobile device.

The high resolution photo of the ID document is verified for its authenticity within seconds.

Real ID supports dozens of ID documents from hundreds of countries.

Facial Recognition

The customer takes a headshot photo with their mobile device.

This photo is compared against the ID document for maximum security.

No new dashboards

Your customer and order are tagged in Shopify or WooCommerce to show they have completed ID verification. You're clear to fulfill!

Your customers photos and verification scores are visible directly in the app as well.

Multiple flows

Choose when customers are required to be verified in their purchasing journey.

Before Checkout

Allow customers to browse, but require ID verification before checkout.

After Checkout

Prompt ID verification after checkout. Automatic triggers available.


Send an ID check directly to the customer by email or SMS manually.

Before viewing store

Require an ID verified account to view your store pages.

Require ID verification before purchase, after purchase or before customers can view your store
Your customer's ID verification results right in the Shopify or WooCommerce dashboard

Never leave your dashboard

Real ID is tightly integrated into Shopify and WooCommerce's dashboards.

Jump directly to a customer's ID check results without leaving the site.

ID photos are stored securely and separately from your store.

Verify once per customer

Only pay once per customer, not per order.

Only require customers to verify their ID once, so they're clear to make repear orders with zero friction.

This reduces your ID verification costs dramatically.

Real ID will remember repeat customers

Set your risk thresholds

Fine tune when ID checks are required based on your risk mitigation needs. Choose from requiring ID verification based on:

  • Total order price exceeds threshold
  • Shipping and billing address mismatch
  • Order contains specific products
  • Order has a medium or high risk level
  • Local deliveries
  • Specific payment gateways
Control your risk tolerance

Bring your own brand

Customize the theme and content of your ID checks.

Completely white label customer ID checks to match your brand.

Customize your content

Capture Signatures too

Optionally, capture signatures digitally from customers as part of their ID check.

Signatures will be available to view and download in the app.

Capture signature

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Start defending your online store in minutes with real ID checks.

Brothers with Glass

I have been selling online for over 20 years and Real ID is one of the best tools to help prevent fraud I've used.

Plus it cuts down on customer service cost, provides me with better and more info and I am sure it will help us cut down even more on fraud.

This is an extreme value.

Brothers with Glass
FX Syndrome

Simple and easy to use. The fact that it doesn't mess with your website's code upon installation is a big deal.

FX Syndrome

Worked perfectly, amazing customer service. Trustworthy. So happy with this!


Start protecting your business

Prevent fraud and meet compliance in minutes