You shouldn't have to think about Fraud

Prevent chargebacks and increase sales with best in class customer verification.


Save orders through Verification

Eliminate doubt of your customer's identity with our cutting edge ID verification technology. Verdict verifies customers' ID documents & selfies to prove their authenticity.

Fulfill domestically or internationally with confidence

We verify the authenticity of over 4,000 document types from 100+ countries. Verdict supports Drivers Licenses, Passports & National ID cards. Enter the global market.

Eliminate chargebacks

Verdict takes the guesswork out of validating order credibility. Even if a criminal has a stolen matching physical ID card & credit card, they can't fake the selfie authenticity. Say goodbye to chargeback fees.

You decide which orders require verification

Choose between only spot checking orders you deem suspicious, or require it automatically on orders that Shopify flags. Verdict gives you the power to control the requirements for your orders.

GDPR Compliant

You'll never have to store or receive your customer's ID documents directly. We handle that with our encrypted & secure network.

Built for Shopify

Verdict is a Shopify first app. No developers and no code required to get started.

Turn chargebacks into opportunities today.