Modern ID Verification for eCommerce

Sell and ship confidently with A.I. driven ID verification that delights.

Real customer ID verification on autopilot

Real ID is the only Shopify app that uses A.I. to verify the authenticity of your customer's Drivers Licenses, Passports or other issued documents.

Real ID securely and instantly captures your customers IDs through their mobile phone and displays their photos & authenticity scores right in Shopify.

Self reporting age popups are not compliant anymore.

Real ID helps keep your business compliant with the 2020 Prevent All Cigarette Trafficing (PACT) Act by capturing the necessary ID photo to prove customer age & identity.

How Real ID works

ID document capture

Your customer uploads their ID document with a secure connection using their mobile device.

The high resolution photo of the ID document is verified for it's authenticity within seconds.

Real ID supports dozens of ID documents from hundreds of countries. Learn More.

Facial Recognition

Then the customer takes a headshot photo with their mobile device. This photo is compared against the ID document for maximum security.

This step is optional. Learn More.

Instant Results to Shopify

Your customer & order are tagged in Shopify to show they've completed ID verification. You're clear to fulfill!

Your customers photos and verification scores are visible directly in the app as well.

You set the rules. We monitor the orders.

Choose when verification is required

Control when ID verification is prompted during the customer journey.

Enforce ID verification on account registration or immediately after checkout.

Send ID verification links by email, text message or integrate directly in the Shopify checkout - no code required!

Real ID can prompt ID verificaiton directly in the checkout experience
Control which conditions trigger an ID verification requirement for a given order

Set your risk thresholds

Fine tune when ID checks are required based on your risk mitigation needs. Choose from requiring ID verification based on:

  • Total order price is above a certain limit
  • The order has a different shipping address than the billing address
  • The order contains one or more products that require ID verification to purchase. Collection support included.
  • The order has a medium or high risk level

Learn More.

Tightly integrated into Shopify

Real ID will automatically add tags to your orders & customers during each step in the ID verification flow.

Real ID tags customers & orders automatically and updates them in real time so you're always up to date
Branding, content & theme of your ID check links & experience are totally customizable

Bring your own brand

Customize the theme, branding & content of your ID checks.

Automatically populate the order ID, customer's name in the email, ID check itself or in the post-checkout experience's content.

Example of a customer being prompted to sign for an order as part of ID verifcation

Capture Signatures too

Do you need signatures for your orders for compliance reasons?

We have you covered. Your customers will be able to easily sign for their orders right with their mobile phone during the ID verification process.

Signatures will be available to view & download in the app dashboard.

Learn More.

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