Modern ID Verification for eCommerce

Sell and ship confidently with automated digital customer ID verification that delights.

Fraud tools are missing the picture

Relying on signals like IP addresses, shipping & billing addresses are not enough to accurately detect potential fraudulent activity. Even worse, they can falsely flag legitimate orders which lead to frustrated customers, hurt your brand & lose sales.

Without real customer identification separating real orders from fraud becomes a guessing game.

Real ID lifts the cloud of uncertainity by allowing you to verify your customer's real life identities digitally.

How Real ID works

ID document capture

Your customer uploads their ID document with a secure connection using their mobile device.

The high resolution photo of the ID document is verified for it's authenticity within seconds.

Real ID supports dozens of ID documents from hundreds of countries. Learn More.

Facial Recognition

Then the customer takes a headshot photo with their mobile device. This photo is compared against the ID document for maximum security.

This step is optional. Learn More.

Instant Results to Shopify

Your customer & order are tagged in Shopify to show they've completed ID verification. You're clear to fulfill!

Your customers photos and verification scores are visible directly in the app as well.

Popular Use Cases

What others are saying

I have been selling online for over 20 years and Real ID is one of the best tools to help prevent fraud I've used.

Plus it cuts down on customer service cost, provides me with better and more info and I am sure it will help us cut down even more on fraud.

This is an extreme value.

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