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How to block all countries with the Blockade Shopify App

Sometimes you need to block all countries except your own, or just a handful of others you ship to.

Blocking all countries and then unblocking the few you'd like to be able to visit your store is easy in the Blockade app.

Step 1 - Open the App

Open the app in your Shopify admin dashboard. Here you can change your blocking settings and more.

Step 2 - Open the "Blocked Countries" list

Scroll down to the "Blocked Countries" list and click on the "Manage blocked countries" button:

Step 3 - Block all countries

In the "Quick Actions" toolbar at the top of the popup, click the "Block All Countries" button

This will add all countries to your block list, so you won't have to add them individually.

Step 4 - Unblock your own country and others

Now you can easily search and add the few countries that you'd like to be able to view your shop.

Step 4 - Enable the blocked websites list

Close the pop up, and click the switch to enable the blocked websites list:

That's it! Now the bad acting website will be blocked from visiting your Shopify store.