Frequently Asked Questions

How does Embargo work?

Embargo uses special technology to convert your visitors' IP addresses into real world locations. Then, based on the rules you set in your Shopify store's backend, Embargo will automatically allow wanted visitors in the countries you allowed.

Do I need to change my theme code to make the app work?

No. Unlike other apps on the market, just install from the Shopify App Store and you're shop is automatically protected by Embargo.

What if I need to turn off Embargo and allow all visitors?

Not a problem, you can turn Embargo off at any time in the backend of your Shopify store. When you want to enable it again, simply toggle the option in the settings. That's it.

Will this impact the performance of my site?

We host a script that is loaded separately from the main assets of your store's frontend. This means that we will not affect your shop's SEO or impact your customer's experience.

Which countries do you support?

We cover all recognized by the Office of the Historian. If you have any special requirements, please send us an email and we'll accomindate your request.