Control your stores traffic with ease

Decide which countries, IP addresses and websites can visit your store

Block unwanted or malicious traffic to your Shopify store

Unfortunately not all of your store's traffic are from good acting customers. Or perhaps you're just not interested in shipping your products internationally.

With Blockade, you can block traffic on a number of dimensions. This will give you the ultimate say over who can or cannot visit your store.

In App Controls

Support for Countries, IP addresses, bot detection and more

Easily allow or block specific countries from visiting your store. Literally every recognized country in the world is supported.

You can block visitors by:

  • Their IP address
  • If they're bots from a particular website
  • If they're using a VPN

Granular Control

In addition to blocking controls, you can also define allow lists.

This is especially helpful when you'd like to block your own country, and still allow your IP address to access your store front.

No theme editing required

Unlike other apps, Blockade doesn't require you to insert code into your theme in order to function. Don't risk editing your store's theme for an app.

Installation just takes 1 click. No coding. No theme editing. Uninstall at any time, no clean up required.

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