Take full control over your store front

Prevent chargebacks by blocking countries you choose and control which markets your Shopify store operates in.

Control Visitors Access

Block visitors from countries you control. Even when visitors are using anonymity tools like VPN & Tor.

Avoid international headaches

Avoid compliance or regulation issues outside of your primary market.

Built for Shopify

Verdict is a Shopify first app. No developers and no code required to get started.

Unlike other geolocation blocking apps there are no theme code changes needed.

Try it out

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You decide which countries your business operates

Block visitors from unwanted countries with ease. Control which countries cannot enter your store. Unwanted visitors will be outright blocked from visiting your store. Avoid expensive and time consuming chargebacks & fees before fraudulent customers can even reach checkout. Unlike other anti-fraud apps, Embargo blocks bad actors from visiting your store outright.

Key Features

  • Easily manage which countries can access to your store
  • Checks the country of origin of your shops visitors in the background
  • No code snippets or theme changes required for installation
  • Disable or enable in the app dashboard at any time

For Digital Download Retailers

For example, retailers selling digital goods "ship" instantly. This prevents the retailer blocking the shipment of the order once they realize the order is fraudulent. Embargo prevents fraudulent digital downloads before the bad actor is able to complete checkout.

Skipping international shipping or compliance hassles

Pass on international import or export regulations for countries you don't want to do business in. Embargo will block visitors from countries your store doesn't support before an order is made.

How does it work?

Embargo uses as proprietary database to turn your customers' IP address into their real world location within milliseconds. Then it will verify that the visitor is allowed to enter your site based on the countries you selected in the app.

Embargo has the fastest IP to geolocation algorithm on the marketplace. It can determine the location of your customers a fraction of a second. This allows it to prevent fraud well before a bad actor can place a fake order.

Embargo runs silently in the background of your shop without hindering the experience of your target customers. Your primary customers experience will be unchanged.

Do I need to modify my theme to enable it?

Nope, unlike other apps on the marketplace, Embargo does *not* require you to change your frontend theme code whatsoever. Simply install it and that's it. If you choose to disable it through the app or uninstall it, your store will reopen to the world.

Turn chargebacks into opportunities today.